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Discover why girls waste 30% of their study time, why boys get worse grades than girls, why boys do less homework than girls, and the 5 learning habits girls get in school that hurts them in the workplace.
Your female students learn differently than your male students. Discover how girls learn. Take away 10 top tips for helping girls learn more, and the 5 tips to help girls succeed more. Then discover how boys learn. Take away 10 top tips for helping boys learn more, and the 5 tips to help boys succeed more.  Get info about research not available anywhere else.
2 Grad Credits (Optional): From Framingham State University, a leading provider of K-12 teacher training. Requirements are to complete the four Unit Quizzes at 80% level (you may retake them til you reach 80%); make at least one comment in each of the four Unit discussions; and write a 1-2 page paper based on the course, submitting it within two weeks after the course ends. PRDV 76728, additional $150 cost, payable to LERN. Info sent after you register for the course, or email us at info@lern.org

CEUs/ILUs: 1.6
Length (in hours): 16
Price in USD $145.00
Price in CAD $195.00

One Month Course


Unit 1

  • The Brain and Gender Differences
  • The brain and learning 
  • The female brain
  • The male brain
  • Summary of neurological and hormonal differences

Unit 2

  • Helping Girls Learn More
  • How girls learn 
  • Classroom techniques and activities that help girls learn
  • Helping girls with spatial skills and STEM
  • The 10 strategies for helping girls learn more

Unit 3

  • Helping Boys Learn More
  • How boys learn 
  • Classroom techniques and activities that help boys learn
  • Helping boys with language skills
  • The 10 strategies for helping boys learn more

Unit 4

  • Helping Both Girls and Boys Succeed More
  • Helping girls succeed in the workplace
  • Helping boys succeed with college
  • Grading learning and knowledge
  • Gender neutral grading

Hear from our past students

Excellent content. Love the format. Brain friendly!
- Barry Craig
This class has been very helpful! I have learned so many useful strategies for teaching girls and boys. I loved this course!
- Tiffany Hemmer

Next start date

Mar 7 – Apr 1