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Discover the keys to successful writing for the workplace.  Whether you are writing a report, memo, letter or publicity notice, business writing has some defined characteristics for success. Successful communicators in the workplace move forward, others move back. Enhance your career by improving this critical communication skill.
Begin with understanding the format, construction, and successful techniques of writing good business reports and proposals.  Then improve your skills with editing and proofreading.  Finally, discover what good journalists know. Learn how to write a news story, press release or other publicity notice that zings.  
Help your organization stand out with your new skills in business writing. This certificate will take you to the next level where business writing is a skill for personal and organizational success.

CEUs/ILUs: 4.8
Length (in hours): 48
Price in USD $495.00
Price in CAD $619.00

Course schedule

Business Writing

  • Sep 3 – 28

Effective Copywriting

  • Oct 7 – Nov 1

Writing News and Press Releases

  • Aug 5 – 30
  • Nov 4 – 29