Danny Sill

Danny Sill is Marketing Coordinator for a national organization.  He possesses a degree in marketing from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.  
He currently is involved in a range of marketing activities, including print catalogs, post cards, email, web pages and follow up promotions to inquiries and clickthroughs.
Sill has a particular interest and skill in design and creating visual content.

Garrett Stern

Garrett Stern has increased his organization’s income 50% with effective print promotions. He has experience in designing and producing catalogs for mass print distribution, as well as targeted customer distribution.
He currently is involved with leading marketing strategies and campaigns that integrate print with digital marketing.

William A. Draves

William A. Draves teaches marketing and practices marketing on a daily basis for an organization marketing services, programs and products throughout North America. 

He has more than 40 years experience in marketing, including traditional print marketing and online marketing. As the field of integrated marketing has emerged, he researched and studied some 25 different marketing delivery methods in putting together an Integrated Marketing Model. 
Draves has edited “The Marketing Manual” and its six editions, starting in 1984.  He has studied under some of the great marketers in the last several decades, including Philip Kotler, Anver Suleiman, Rene Gnam, and Paul Franklin.  
He currently designs and executes digital, print and integrated marketing campaigns that include catalogs, flyers, post cards, email, website design, and video.  

Draves has taught marketing to audiences around the world, including Russia and Australia, as well as in online classes.   His current marketing interests include developing demographic market segments trending up, writing email copy, and designing post cards that sell. 

Course schedule

Advanced Marketing Concepts

  • Sep 6 – 30

Successful Print Marketing

  • Jul 5 – 29
  • Jul 5 – 29
  • Oct 3 – 28
  • Oct 3 – 28

Integrated Marketing Best Practices

  • Aug 1 – 26
  • Nov 7 – Dec 2