Mission Statement:

SAD1 Adult & Community Education’s mission is to allow participants to set goals and map out a plan to achieve those goals in an environment that supports individual circumstances and needs in order to be successful.

Program Offerings

High School Completion

We offer two pathways for adults to obtain their high school diploma. One is to take prep classes for the ETS® High School Equivalency Test (HiSET-replaced the GED) then take the HiSET exams. Passing the HiSET results in a high school equivalency certificate from the state of Maine.

The second path is to earn a high school diploma by completing a required amount of credit hours. We offer an open enrollment schedule, which means you can get started on earning your diploma now!  Work at your own pace through a list of assignments either on location or remotely. If working on location, our open scheduling allows you to set your own specific hours within our hours of operation.

Credits from other schools or sources will be reviewed for acceptance.  Credit may be awarded for military experience, job training, homemaking and volunteer experience. 

Upon completion of required credits, students are awarded a Presque Isle High School diploma.

Anyone who is seventeen years old and is no longer enrolled in traditional high school may register for both paths.

English Language Learning (ELL)

Classes are available for persons who do not speak English as their first language and who would like to acquire skills in conversational English and writing.

Career Planning

Take advantage of this free service.  An advisor is available when classes are in session to help you figure out your available next steps.  Explore your educational and employment opportunities today! 

College Transitions (CT)

Have your high school diploma, but aren’t quite ready for college level Math or English?  Does your college/university want you to pay for foundation level classes that won’t provide you with any credit towards your degree? CT is perfect for you!  These classes prepare students for the next level in Math & English with no cost to the student. We will prepare you for the ACCUPLACER exam, which allows colleges to determine your readiness for credit bearing courses. We also offer digital literacy, assistance in completing financial aid forms (FAFSA), career exploration and College Success course (counts as a credit at Northern Maine Community College).

Adult Basic Education (ABE)

We offer both Math and English courses for adult learners who need training to prepare them for daily life functions and basic job skills. Anyone who is seventeen years old and is no longer enrolled in traditional high school may register.

Career Training & Certification

Several programs are offered to provide students with a diploma and/or a direct path to a career. Coursework results in nationally recognized certification, such as Certified Nursing Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Phlebotomist and Dental Hygienist.

Personal Enrichment Classes

Classes in this program are offered to the entire community at all ages! We offer classes on everything from DigiBlocks to knitting and basketball to welding. Cost, class time and frequency vary by class.

Registration & Fees

Registration is on a first come, first serve basis with payment of class fees due at the time of registration.  Personal Enrichment classes may be cancelled due to low enrollment. Prices subject to change at any time. The most current information is available on our web & Facebook pages.

In Person

Registrations for all courses/programs are accepted at the Adult & Community Education office.


Register for classes online via our website msad1.coursestorm.com

SAD 1 Adult & Community Education offers a variety of programs supported by federal, state and local taxes. Fees pay the cost not covered by tax dollars. Some programs are not state or locally funded and therefore require a higher fee and a minimum enrollment.   The registration fee doesn’t cover the cost of books and materials.  If the course is a required diploma course, there is no charge for workbooks and textbooks must be returned.  If diploma students are taking an elective class, they will be required to pay for workbooks and will have the option to purchase or return the textbooks.  All students are expected to pay the lab fees for consumable materials used.

Fees for all courses are indicated in the course schedules and are due at the time of registration. 


These programs are at no cost to learners:

 Adult Basic Education (ABE)

English as a Second Language (ESL)

High School Diploma

HiSET® (for Maine residents; fee for non-residents)

College Transitions