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50% Discount!
Just pay half of the course fee per registration when you have 20 or more registrations for our Courses for K-12 Teachers.
Perfect for school systems, schools, several school systems, or any group of teachers.

Good for 12 Months
  The offer is good for registrations within a 12 month period, so you don’t have to take the courses all at the same time. Mix and match within the 12 month period.

Any Combination
   The offer is good for any combination of our 5 courses for K-12 Teachers.

Any Mix of People

  Mix and match people and courses, just as long as the total registrations is 20 or more! You can have 20 people each take one course, and the courses can be different.  You can have 4 people take all 5 courses.  You can have 5 people take 2 courses; 2 people take 3 courses; and 4 people take one course (that adds up to 20 registrations).  Or any other combination of people and courses that is 20 or more registrations! 

One Check or P.O.
  You send one Purchase Order (educational institutions or districts) and/or Check.  There are no refunds for the Group Rate, but you can always have substitutions and our Transfer policy applies as well.

Decide Now or Later
  You can decide now who takes what courses when, or you can decide later, up to 12 months later. 

Our Awesome Transfer Policy
  If one of the teachers needs to transfer into the next offering of the same course, there is no additional charge.  We understand things come up. No questions asked.

Graduate Credit
  CEUs and International Learning Units (ILUs) are offered as part of the registration fee.  Graduate credit is available from the University of South Dakota at an additional $40 USD fee paid to the University of South Dakota.  There is, of course, no discount for the graduate credit.

How to Register
   For this special Group Rate, you need to Call or Email and then submit either a Purchase Order or Check.   Contact information is in the left hand column.

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