You can take our UGotClass online courses and certificates:
1.As noncredit, in which case you can participate as little or as much as you like;
2.For completion and recognition, in which case here are the completion requirements.

Completion Requirements
These Completion Requirements apply if you are taking our online course or certificate for any of the following recognition:
*CEUs and/or International Learning Units (ILUs) 
*Master’s Degree program from LERN and University of South Dakota

The Requirements
1. Make at least one comment every week in the discussion.
- The comment should show thought and be more substantive than just “Yes, I agree.”  There is no length required for comments.
- Replies to other comments, responses to other participants, count as comments (in most cases your instructor values replies and responses as comments).
- Questions and online discussion facilitative comments also count as well as long as there is some thought to them.

2. Take every Unit self-quiz.
- Take every Unit self-quiz for the course and get at least 80% score.
- You may retake any self-quiz as often as you need to get to the 80% level.

Completion Timeline
-The requirements should be done by the last day of the course.
-Individual instructors may extend the deadline upon request.
-If, for any reason, you are not able to complete the requirements during the course, we are pleased to provide you with our Course Transfer Option.

You may retake any or all of the same UGotClass online course at a future offering within the next 12 months, and you can do so at no extra cost.

Recognition Awarded
-For individual courses, a pdf transcript is issued showing completion.
-For certificates and certification, a pdf certificate is issued showing completion.