Conrad Brian Law

Conrad Brian Law, COI is an award winning speaker, author, motivational coach and entrepreneur.  He is the CEO of Knowledge Learning Solutions LLC, a management consulting firm. He has presented nationally on such topics as entrepreneurship, technology, career advancement, diversity and finances. His Entrepreneur Boot Camp is an expansion of his successful face-to-face class. Conrad is MOODLE Teacher Certified (MTC), A+ certified, and a Certified Online Instructor (COI).  He is also an MBA candidate at the University of Maryland, University College.

Kathy Nadlman


Kathy Nadlman is an entrepreneur, consultant,  professor, and author. She has led entrepreneurship initiatives as a consultant for the Kauffman Foundation, the largest foundation devoted to entrepreneurship, including curriculum development and contributing to Kauffman’s textbook on entrepreneurship. She has also worked extensively with start-ups and growing businesses as the regional director of a Small Business Development Center.

Mary Beth Izard

Mary Beth Izard is an entrepreneur, author, consultant and professor emeritus of entrepreneurship and has over 25 years working with entrepreneurs to start businesses.  She specializes in entrepreneurship curriculum and has been a scholar-in-residence and consultant to the Kauffman Foundation, the largest foundation in the U. S., if not the world, devoted to entrepreneurship.  She was on the curriculum development team for Kauffman’s college course, Planning the Entrepreneurial Venture, and its nationally recognized FastTrac® programs.  She is the author of BoomerPreneurs:  How Baby Boomers Can Start Their Own Business, Make Money and Enjoy Life and the college textbook, Opportunity Analysis, Business Ideas:  Identification and Evaluation.  She has a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Missouri in Kansas City.

Course schedule

Entrepreneur Boot Camp

  • Feb 6 – Mar 3, 2023
  • Apr 3 – 28, 2023
  • Jun 5 – 30, 2023
  • Sep 5 – 29, 2023

The Business Plan

  • Oct 3 – 28
  • Mar 6 – 31, 2023
  • May 1 – 26, 2023
  • Jul 4 – 28, 2023
  • Oct 2 – 27, 2023

Entrepreneurial Marketing

  • Nov 7 – Dec 2
  • Apr 3 – 28, 2023
  • Jun 5 – 30, 2023
  • Aug 7 – Sep 1, 2023
  • Nov 6 – Dec 1, 2023