In today’s business environment, there is a need for good project management.  Project management provides visibility of project health to the business and the customer.  Through continuous monitoring, early detection of variations to plan, schedule, and budget can be communicated to stakeholders for quick resolution, including project cancelation.  

Project management is one of the fastest paths to promotion by increasing your network through greater exposure. 

First, gain the skills, tools and templates to confidently develop and maintain a project.  An overview of salaries, certification costs, education and experience requirements are provided.  

Then acquire a well-rounded knowledge of the five Project Management Processes relating to the Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide. This basic information will assist you in learning the beginnings of Project Management, whether you are interested in project management, in a project management field, or in any line of work. 

Finally, learn the ten Project management Knowledge Areas and their support role and relationships to the five Project Management Processes.
Classes must be taken in the following order:
- Introduction to Project Management
- Project Management Processes
- Project Management Knowledge Areas

CEUs/ILUs: 4.8
Length (in hours): 48
Price in USD $495.00
Price in CAD $665.00

Course schedule

Introduction to Project Management

  • -Coming soon-

Project Management Processes

  • Oct 4 – 29

Project Management Knowledge Areas

  • Nov 1 – 26