Coding is becoming one of the most in-demand skills in the workplace today. As a result, coding has become a core skill that bolsters one’s chances of becoming a higher value to organizations. The highest demand is for programming languages with broad applicability. Begin by getting introduced to the basics of computer programming and various programming languages. Then go to the next level and acquire all the basics of HTML and CSS. You will learn the relationship between these two industry-standard web page coding languages and the step by step process of hand coding and building web pages. Finally, discover the advanced features of CSS and learn how to use this very powerful language.

Students must take the Coding Certificate classes in the below order:
- Introduction to Coding
- HTML Fundamentals
- CSS Fundamentals

CEUs/ILUs: 4.8
Length (in hours): 48
Price in USD $595.00
Price in CAD $799.00

Course schedule

CSS Fundamentals

  • Aug 5 – 30
  • Nov 4 – 29

HTML Fundamentals

  • Oct 7 – Nov 1

Introduction to Coding

  • Sep 3 – 28