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Get the best professional development in telework. Then boost productivity and your organization’s bottom line.

For those supervising teleworkers, telecommuters, prospective telecommuters, decision makers, trainers, HR professionals, and anyone interested in telework.

An online certificate program from the Learning Resources Network (LERN), a leading provider of professional development and pioneer in telework.

Take the two online courses, pass a 50 question test, and then get a certificate and recognition for your knowledge in this important and growing area for business, government and nonprofit organizations.

Online;  includes exam, certificate and both courses.


$245 each or $395 for certificate (2 courses, including:  Keys to Telework Success and Supervision of Teleworkers)


HouseKeys to Telework Success

Telework is becoming the “mainstay of corporate America,” according to a recent MSNBC story.  Teleworkers are 25% more productive than people who work in an office, meaning your company is more profitable.

Come discover the keys to making telecommuting a success for you and your organization.  For those new to telework, those supervising teleworkers, and those already working from home. Includes 100 page guide to telecommuting.

Month-long online course; Julie Coates, lead instructor.Click here for more information on this course.

Field WorkerSupervision of Teleworkers

Teleworkers can be supervised from a distance better than people working down the hall. But supervision of teleworkers is different than for office workers.

Understanding the essentials of supervision is criticial for both teleworkers and supervisors, management and organizational leaders.

Telecommuters boost your organization’s profitability, productivity, financial stability, competitiveness and efficiency. Plus you can recruit the best people regardless of where they live.

Tour a model virtual office. Then take away the core management practices to supervise teleworkers for a win-win for both employees and management. After attending, you will have the knowledge necessary to successfully supervise, and be supervised, in a distance environment. Includes the book, "Nine Shift: Work, life and education in the 21st Century."

   Month-long online course; Greg Marsello and William A. Draves, instructors.   

Click here for more information on this course.

ChecklistWhat You do:

  1. In the online classroom, listen to audio lectures, view slides, even take an optional quiz to test yourself.
  2. Then post comments in the online discussion with your fellow participants and the instructor.  Your instructor logs on once a day to answer questions and join in on the discussion.
  3. You also get a text to read 20 pages a week.
  4. Participate anytime of day or night, as little or as often as you like. The ideal is to go online 2-3 times a week, but you decide.

It’s easy! It’s fun.

ComputerTechnical requirements:
Internet access with Internet Explorer; FoxFire Mozilla; or Safari web browser.
Audio software such as Windows Media, Real, or Flash.

Speakers to listen to audio.

Next offering(s):
-Next session coming soon-

$245 each or $395 for certificate (2 courses, including:  Keys to Telework Success and Supervision of Teleworkers)


Ave. hours 32, 3.2 CEUs/ILUs

About LERN

The Learning Resources Network (LERN) is a North American consulting and training organization in the areas of continuing education, online teaching and 21st century information skills.

In 1998 LERN became a virtual organization, allowing staff to live and work anywhere.  Staff and consultants now live in 8 U.S. states, Canada and India.

About three quarters of staff work from home, with the others working in two offices in Wisconsin and Kansas.

From our experience in telecommuting, supervising telecommuters and becoming a virtual organization, we have written a book and a manual on working from home from a business perspective.
Your instructors have each been telecommuting for 12 years.  They all write, speak and consult on telecommuting and managing telecommuters. They each have created productive home offices, supervised telecommuters, and engaged in strategic organizational planning.  

For more information on your instructors, see the web pages for each course.

Completion Requirements