A publication or book can help you expand your business in the way no form of advertising can. This practical course is designed to help entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations self-publish as well as gain a complete understanding of this often-complicated marketplace.
   Get unique insights into finding your niche and developing customer oriented information that build customer relationships.
   Find out your publishing options and how to select the best pathways given your business objectives.  Learn the steps to designing, desktopping and working  with a printer to print books and publications in small quantities economically.
    Come away with an understanding of the decision-making framework and what factors drive decisions in self-publishing to enhance customer relations, repeat business, and attracting new customers.

One month course, William Draves and Gale Hughes, instructors

Course Outline
Unit 1
Self-publishing overview and today’s marketplace
Models of self-published publications and books
Understanding formats: paperback, hardcover, spiral bound, three ring binder
Statistics and facts about bestseller lists, print runs, and the pros and cons of self-publishing versus traditional publishing
Finding your niche in the marketplace
Strategic planning to boost customer relations, repeat customers and gain new customers

Unit 2
Writing Your Work
Writing for your customers, not your boss 
Writing concise chunked copy for business publications and books
The three keys to powering up your copy
Second draft: revising and improving your copy
Editing your own work

Unit 3
Producing Your Work
Freelance Proofreaders and Editors Abroad
Include a Canadian Price?
ISBN Numbers
Layouts, Templates and Publishing Info
Library of Congress Copyright
Printer Bids and Terms of Sale

Unit 4
Making your Book More Marketable
Smart content development and trends 
At market/publishing trends and how to identify them
Publishing seasons and identifying the best possible time and placement for your book
What it takes to make your book marketable and how to do book store research
Creating a book launch calendar 
Exploring various research tools to better understand the market for your book
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Ave. hours 16, 1.6 CEUs/ILUs

About Your Instructors
William A. Draves has authored and marketed dozens of business publications and a half dozen books for targeted and niche markets. He has been interviewed by the BBC, New York Times, Forbes, Washington Post, NPR and other national media.
Gale Hughes has 15 years experience in producing self published works, including books. She has worked with designers, desktoppers and printers. Her experience includes knowing how to work with bar codes, ISBN numbers, pricing, Library of Congress copyright, printer bids and terms of sale, and more.
Directional ArrowsCourse Objectives

·         To help students to unearth trends and some key areas to help them create a better book.
·         To assist students to clearly define their self publishing choices.
·         To discuss students’ business objectives and how a book fits into the business plan.
·         To provide practical tips and techniques on planning, writing and producing a non-fiction business publication or book to enhance customer retention and/or generate new customers.
Puzzle PiecesCourse Outcomes

Upon completion of this course you will:
·         Understand self publishing formats and which is best for your publication or book
·         Be able to define your customer target market and niche in a crowded marketplace
·         Take away proven tips and techniques for writing engaging non-fiction publications  
·         Know how to produce your publication, with barcodes, ISBN numbers and working with printers
Completion Requirements