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New! The Big Change: 1900-1920

One hundred years ago society went through a fascinating and life-changing transformation, moving from an agrarian society into the Industrial Age. Some 75% of the way your great and grandparents worked, lived and learned changed.  Discover and relive those exciting years and changes. See the changes in dress, culture, novels, music and of course technology, work and political movements. Then discover the amazing parallels between then and now as our society goes through a similar change today. 

One month; William A. Draves IV, instructor.   $195 USD.


Unit 1
Life in 1900
-The family farm, extended family and small towns
-The circus and Chautauqua
-Values and morality of the agrarian age
-The Wizard of Oz from a Kansas historian
-Real life Gibson Girl and the man who killed for her

Unit 2
Change Begins (1900 – 1910)
-Change is in the air
-The Music Man as history
-Suburbs, middle class, bank robbers appear
-Most amazing Titanic story you’ll ever hear

Unit 3
The New Age Emerges (1911 – 1919)
-The Suffragette & Prohibition Movements
-The Horseless Carriage
-Music, movies and culture
-New laws for the industrial age
Unit 4
Towards the Twenties
-The Big Change takes over
-From the Gibson Girl to the ‘It’ Girl
-From Main Street to the Great Gatsby in one year
-The Foundation to the Twenties
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$195 USD

Ave hours 16, 1.6 CEUs

About Your Instructor

   William A. Draves has spent 20 years interviewing people and researching the Big Change from 1900-1920.  He co-authored with Julie Coates the book Nine Shift: Work, life and education in the 21st century, which draws on the uncanny parallels from 100 years ago, and their implications for societal change and our future today. Every year he reads a novel from exactly 100 years ago. Draves also enjoys a good buggy or sleigh ride, straw hat, and game of croquet. 

Course Objectives

  For students to understand and learn:
  • How their great or great great grandparents lived
  • How and why societal change, including values, happens
  • The uncanny parallel between 1900-1920 and 2000-2020
  • How many of the great novels of the 20th Century documented the Big Change
  • How to have fun and enjoy museums with the antiques, words, and music of those times
Course Outcomes

  After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Discover the transformation of society that took place in just twenty years;
  • Appreciate more your own family’s history and experiences;
  • Understand the big change from the agrarian age to the industrial age of the 20th century;
  • Enjoy with greater understanding the music, novels and movies of the times;
  • Know how and why the social infrastructure and laws changed to meet the needs of the 20th century.
Completion Requirements