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Do you want to achieve financial independence and true freedom to indulge in whatever makes you happy? Do you want to live life to the fullest, while only working when you want to? Imagine how great it would be to spend all of your time doing the things that matter most to you, all the while knowing you are financially secure. Imagine a life filled with enjoyment, leisure, and satisfaction. Envision your future free from the typical 9 to 5 grind. This course will show you how. The course will also help you avoid being one of the many Americans who struggle financially. Did you know 56% of Americans retire with less than $10,000 and that many people, even rich people, live paycheck to paycheck? It does take planning, but it is attainable and the sooner you begin, the better off you will be! I know investing can be intimidating – especially if you have never done it before or know what to do. No one is born knowing how to be smart with money, and most people are not taught this at home or at school. But it is not that complicated and this course will show you how to budget, plan, and invest for a comfortable, successful retirement and future. This course covers tools that will help you set yourself up for financial success. If you follow the simple, easy to follow principles explained in this course, you will achieve success.

One month, Betsy Flanagan, instructor.


Unit 1: Getting Started
•    Strategically assess where you are financially today, and where you want to be in 1, 5, 10, 30+ years.
•    Take stock of your current assets and liabilities – chances are you have more assets than you realize!
•    Understand your money mindset and beliefs about money – and how to change what isn’t working for you.  
•    Learn common pitfalls to achieving financial success. 
•    Know why it’s important to start retirement planning early and the effects of compounding and inflation.

Unit 2: Smart Money Habits
•    Discover the easy way to save for retirement.
•    Learn simple financial rules of thumb for budgeting, saving, and investing.
•    Beware of bad debt and understand when debt may be ‘good’ or useful for you.
•    Build and increase your credit score.
•    Understand what matters financially and what doesn’t so you can enjoy your money and time and focus on what’s important to you.

Unit 3: Goal Setting
•    Clarify the future you want and set SMART goals. 
•    Understand what works for you and what doesn’t - start small and develop the right habits. 
•    Understand the best way to motivate yourself to achieve success. 
•    Learn research-backed tips for how to most effectively set goals and achieve them.
•    Know how to calculate the amount you need to live the life you want.

Question MarkAbout online learning

Online learning is a fun, enjoyable and very productive way to learn. Millions of people are learning online each year. You will engage with the instructor and other participants. You will get to know your instructor and other participants. You may make friends. It’s easy. It’s fun.

GearsHow the Course Works

It is easy to participate in your online course. After you register, you will be given a web address to go to get into your online classroom. You will have a password and use your email address and password to gain access.

Once inside the online classroom, here’s what you can expect.

CalendarParticipate when you want

You can participate any time of day or evening. The online classroom is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
There are no live real-time requirements or meetings. You decide when you participate.
For the best learning, participants should log into the course on 2-3 different days of the week.

ChecklistWhat you will do

For each Unit, you will:

  • Read the print readings (about 20 pages a week)

  • Have the option of accessing the online readings

  • Listen to the audio presentation for the Unit and view the slides

  • Have the option of taking a self-quiz to see how much you have learned

  • Engage in written online discussion with your instructor and other participants

For best learning, you should make one or more comments at 2-3 different times each week.
The content (readings, audio lectures, slides) and self quizzes are accessible for the entire course, so you can work ahead, or go back and review again, at your convenience.

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Ave. hours 16; 1.6 CEUs/ILUs

About your instructor

Betsy Flanagan is passionate about helping people be financially successful, savvy, and achieve their goals. She has been helping individuals make smart financial decisions for over 20 years. As a wealth manager at a top tier New York Investment Bank, she brought in and managed over $150 million in client assets. Betsy is results-oriented and pragmatic, drawing on 20 years of professional experience which gives her a broad perspective on the unique challenges people face today when managing their finances and planning for their future financial wellbeing.
Betsy holds an AB from Harvard University, cum laude, and an MBA from University of Virginia. In addition, she teaches Women and Leadership at UC Berkeley, is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, and is a frequent speaker on the topic of Millennials and workforce engagement. 

Course Objectives 

•    Recognize the three easy steps you can do now to retire rich.
•    Get clear on what’s important to you now and what you will need to live the future you desire.  
•    Understand the power of investing and how to use it to your advantage to build the life you want.
•    Realize healthy financial habits and how you can easily achieve them.
•    Know best practices for financial success and key educational information that isn’t taught in school.

Course Outcomes

After successfully completing the course you will:

•    Feel confident about your finances and your future.
•    Develop a plan for how you can invest comfortably and successfully.
•    Understand rules of thumb and best practices for investing and saving.
•    Take charge of your finances and make smart financial decisions.

Completion Requirements