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Graduate Credit
Optional 1.0 graduate credit for each course is awarded by the School of Education at the University of South Dakota (USD), a nationally recognized university and academic pioneer in distance learning. 
After you register for your course, you pay the additional fee of just $40 to the University of South Dakota for the awarding and processing of your graduate credit.
Individual Courses
Gender in the Classroom
Discover how girls and boys learn differently. Take away 10 top tips for helping girls learn more, and 10 top tips for helping boys learn more. Get research data not available anywhere else.
One-month course, $145
Optional credit from the University of South Dakota, $40 additional

Online Teaching and Learning
Specifically for K-12 teachers, you will find out why and how your students learn online. Find out about all the wonderful eTools being used, from drag-and-drop games to virtual labs.  Then find out how you can begin to use the web in your own teaching.
One-month course, $145
Optional credit from the University of South Dakota, $40 additional

Social Media and Online Tools for K-12 Teachers
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, it’s seems everyone, including your students, talk about ways the Internet lets them stay in touch and see what others are doing. Since many of your students are already there, have you been curious if any of these tools might keep them engaged in your class? Do you ever wonder if there might be some time effective ways to communicate with their parents?  GoogleDocs, Adobe ConnectNow, iGoogle, Flicker, animoto, earth album, Teacher Tube, blogs, virtual labs and yes, even Facebook and Twitter can help you add dimension and interest to your class.
One-month course, $145
Optional credit from the University of South Dakota, $40 additional

Generational Learning Styles for K-12 Teachers
Your students learn differently than you do. Come find out how to help your students learn more. Then discover something new about yourself. Come away with our top 20 generational techniques for helping your students learn.
One-month course, $145
Optional credit from the University of South Dakota, $40 additional

Students with Asperger's/ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)
Today, every school in America has students who have been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome—a neurological disorder on the autism spectrum. The effects of this disorder vary widely, but it is important for every teacher to understand how to recognize behaviors that may indicate Asperger’s Syndrome. In this course, you take away strategies for working effectively with Asperger’s students. And you will find out how to work effectively with parents to create the most positive learning environments for children and teens with Asperger’s Syndrome.
The course is geared for K-12 teachers, but it is also relevant for counselors, faculty in higher education, parents and anyone else interested in understanding this important issue.
One-month course, $145
Optional credit from the University of South Dakota, $40 additional

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All 5 courses for K-12 teachers are $145 each, with an optional additional $40 paid later for graduate credit from the University of South Dakota.



About Your Instructors

Julie Coates and William A. Draves have more than ten years experience and expertise in documenting and reporting the research on gender and learning.  They have also added to the literature by publishing their pioneering research into gender and learning.  Coates and Draves keynote national and state education conferences, as well as conducting numerous K-12 teacher in-service seminars for local school districts. Coates and Draves also teach in the adult and higher education graduate program for the University of South Dakota. 

Kassia Dellabough has over thirty years of teaching experience ranging from Montessori pre-school to teaching as artist-in-residence in elementary and high school settings. She has been teaching at the university level for over 20 years and currently holds a Senior Instructor position at the University of Oregon. She teaches a wide array of subjects ranging from Applied Creativity: Thinking Outside the Box to Presentation Skills and Portfolio Development. She currently teaches a general education Art and Human Values course both face-to-face and on-line. She was one of the pioneer faculty to teach on-line at the university in 1997 and serves as mentor for faculty across campus for on-line teaching.

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