Dionne (Dee) Felix

Dionne (Dee) Felix is an experienced educator, mentor, and presenter with experience in instruction, course development, and face-to-face and online education. Dee has conducted highly engaging workshops in business writing, education, and faculty and professional development. She has helped traditional and non-traditional learners transform their approach to, and success in, writing. Dee currently teaches in higher education, both the English and Education disciplines.

Dr. Jennifer H. Selke

Dr. Jennifer H. Selke is fueled by her drive to connect people with meaningful work, and is dedicated to building bridges between millennials—individuals born in the 80s and 90s—and employers. Her consulting firm, WorkStrengths, provides career coaching services for 20-somethings, recent graduates, and new hires. Jennifer uses her insider understanding of millennials to train and educate a multi-generational workforce on how to develop, manage, leverage, and retain this the youngest generation of workers.

Dr. Kate Webster

Dr. Kate Webster is a nationally known expert, professional speaker, and author in the area of effective communication and empowered leadership. She is a faculty member at DePaul University in Chicago, the owner and founder of Breaking Thru Barriers, and a third degree black belt. She speaks at national conferences and writes on the subject of effective communication, diversity & inclusion, and empowered leadership.

Dr. Lisa M. S. Barrow

Dr. Lisa M. S. Barrow is an international workplace bullying expert.  She is the author of two books titled “In Darkness Light Dawns: Exposing Workplace Bullying”, and “Hope For A Healthy Workplace”.  She is known to some as “The Rosa Parks of the workplace”.  Dr. Barrow spends countless hours assisting bullied employees regain their strength, hope and lives as a result of their bullying experiences.  She also assists organizations in creating a bully-free environment by providing training and guidance.  Dr. Barrow is passionate about creating healthier workplaces for all employees by focusing on the overall well-being of employees.

Dr. Barrow’s research reveals that workplace bullying is an ignored epidemic that is wreaking havoc in organizations throughout Canada and the US.  She has been an advocate for anti-bullying in the workplace legislation in Ontario and New York State.  She believes that anti-bullying legislation is the next logical step in protecting the human rights of Americans and Canadians.  Her research sheds light on the impact bullying has on targeted employees, coworkers, organizations and society.

Dr. Barrow has appeared on media outlets in Canada and the United States. She has written articles on workplace bullying for academic journals, newspapers and magazines. Dr. Barrow received the 2013 Northeast Marketplace Ministry Award for her workplace bullying awareness efforts. Her book “In Darkness Light Dawns: Exposing Workplace Bullying” was shortlisted for the 2010 Word Guild Award. 

Dr. Barrow provides tailored training and consultation for businesses. She can be contacted at Her website is 

Dr. Rita-Marie Conrad

Dr. Rita-Marie Conrad is an online faculty member for Fielding Graduate Institute and Walden University as well as Senior Consultant for the Learning Resources Network (LERN). She began her online career and spent over a decade at Florida State University where she developed and led two online programs: the Instructional Systems major in Performance Improvement and Human Resource Development, and the Instructional Systems major in Open and Distance Learning. She has designed and taught online courses on topics such as online collaboration, learning theories, designing online instruction, and developing eLearning strategies for training programs.

Rita has consulted on the design and implementation of online learning courses, evaluated online programs, managed technology-related projects, and provided educational technology consulting and training to K-12 teachers and higher education faculty. She interacts with hundreds of faculty as an online instructor for courses such as Designing Online Instruction sponsored by the Learning Resources Network (LERN). She has presented at conferences sponsored by the International Council for Distance Education (ICDE), the University of Wisconsin, the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, League of Innovation, and the Association for Educational Communication and Technology (AECT) on a variety of online learning topics.

She co-authored two books with Judith Boettcher, Faculty Guide for Moving Teaching and Learning to the Web in 1999 and 2004,and The Online Teaching Survival Guide: Simple and Practical Pedagogical Tips (2010). She wrote Engaging the Online Learner in 2004 with J. Ana Donaldson, and Assessing Learners Online in 2008 with Albert Oosterhof and Donald Ely. Rita has a Ph.D. in instructional systems from Florida State University and a Master’s degree in educational media and computers from Arizona State University.

Ellen Feld

Ellen Feld is the creator of online grammar refresher courses that have served over 43,000 students. She has taught college writing courses online and in the traditional classroom. Ellen has a special fondness for working with developing writers. She's worn a variety of editorial hats, including newspaper reporter and copy chief, personal essayist, website reviewer, writing coach, and developmental editor. 
Ellen has a master's degree in writing from the Johns Hopkins University and is the author of the children’s storybookParagon and Jubilee. Students graduate from her courses with a new understanding of English grammar and a new belief in their writing ability.

Fred Bayley

Fred Bayley has been developing extraordinary customer service in an organization while our technology and information sources have changed. His area focuses on soft skills resulting in income almost doubling and profits up 300%.  Fred facilitates experiences on building positive working relations, customer service, and team building. Fred is a past president of the local chamber of commerce, Habitat crew member, volunteer middle school wrestling coach, and one-fourth of a hand bell quartet.

Geoff Evans

Geoff Evans is the founder of and where he helps businesses tell their stories in creative and compelling ways through social media, websites, and animated video.
Geoff is an international speaker, Professor in Corporate Communications and Public Relations, and a veteran of the financial services industry where he spent fourteen years as a sales professional, sales trainer, and
business coach.

Greg Marsello

Greg Marsello has worked for over 40 years with organizations to implement extraordinary customer service best practices and strategies. Over 35 weeks a year he travels North America visiting organizations wanting to improve productivity and performance. Greg facilitates experiences on customer service and team building. He has worked with businesses, non-profits, churches, government agencies and a variety of different organizations.

Heather Dimitt

Heather Dimitt is experienced in social media, working with Generation Y, and training others to use social media. She is director of membership services with a national education association where she does consulting, speaking and writing. She has a background teaching at-risk 14-18 year olds and was an administrator with the public school district in Columbia, Missouri, where she regularly encouraged high school and post-secondary teachers to utilize the numerous resources available on the web.  Heather has a Masters Degree in Education from the University of South Dakota.

Jacqui Lipton

Jacqui Lipton specializes in teaching fiction writing and the business of writing to local and national audiences. She holds an M.F.A. in Fiction Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts and has taught fiction in libraries and community organizations. 

Jacqui works as an editor to the writing community. She is a reader for the Young Adult Review Network, as well as interning at a literary agency in New York. She has completed the fiction writing certificate programs at Stanford Online and the UCLA Extension Writer’s Program, as well as majoring in playwrighting in college. 

Her short stories and flash fiction have placed in a number of writing contests.

Jean Haefner

Jean Haefner holds degrees in Graphic Design and Photography, and a MFA in Web Designand Interactive Media; MS Haefner has taught in these areas, and worked professionally as a Content Artist, Web Designer, and Online Course Developer for over 20 years. More recently, she helped to develop the award winning interdisciplinary Game Design and Development program at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, and provided instruction in art and design for games there. She currently works at UW-Madison.

Jeff Kritzer

Jeff Kritzer has many years of experience:
- as a quantitative researcher. 
- as a Special Education Resource Teacher and has assessed thousands of students during his long career
in online instructional technology

He has studied applied statistics at the graduate level and has attended the Summer Program in Quantitative Research at the University of Michigan.

He recently completed the “Advanced Online Instructor” certificate with the Online Learning Consortium.

He has been published in several international and national journals and has developed unique methods for presenting his research.

He has a Ph.D. in Education and is currently a Professor in Teacher Education at a leading Midwestern University.

Jeff Kritzer

Jeff Kritzer has a degree in Health Education from The University of Oregon. He has successfully developed courses for UGOTCLASS including “Advanced Data Analysis”, “Infographics”, “Introduction to Coding” and “Advanced Google Analytics”.. He has a PhD in Education and is currently a Professor in Teacher Education at a leading Midwestern University.

Jenna Lynne Roberts

Jenna Lynne Roberts is an ESL instructor and world traveler with over 12 years of classroom experience, both in the US and abroad. Over the last half of her career, she has developed and managed a successful Service Learning program to integrate intermediate English language learners into US non-profit work environments as volunteers. Through this work, she has developed skills and learned best practices for interacting with internationals from varied English comprehension levels.

Jodie Trana

Jodie Trana has had a career in business consulting and financial management. She then started a consulting and training organization offering educational consulting services to organizations such as the Kauffman Foundation, the largest foundation devoted to entrepreneurship. Jodie contributed the financial chapters for Kauffman’s textbooks and managed the curriculum design and facilitation process for their entrepreneurship educational programs. Her content specialties include accounting, financial analysis, business planning, cash flow analysis, and funding request analysis. Her background includes business and financial management in consulting, construction, non-profit, healthcare, and retail industries.

John Rutledge


With over 25 years’ experience in the IT field, John Rutledge has a BA in Psychology and a Diploma in Computer Programming as well as having received numerous certifications and awards.  He holds a Microsoft Office Master Certification and has a globally-recognized ICDL (International Computer Driver’s License) certification as well.  John was the Manager of a Technical Support Desk for a multinational for several years.  Prior to that, he held roles as Project Lead on a national software implementation project, Systems Analyst and Programmer Analyst.  Currently the owner of an IT Consultancy firm, John works regularly with businesses of all sizes to assist them in understanding and managing their data. 

Joyce Odidison

Joyce Odidison is a Conflict Analyst, Author, Mediator, Workplace Wellness Expert and Coach, who has a passion for helping people work and live well. For the past two decades she has helped to reduce workplace stress and tension, and to build safe, respectful workplaces to protect employees from bullying, harassment, discrimination and the negative impacts of interpersonal conflicts. She is creator of the innovative, holistic Wellness Improvement System, Wellness Assessment and the Workplace Wellness Improvement Program. Joyce is also creator of Canada’s premier Wellness Coaching Training Certificate program, a world class coach certification program.

Julie Coates

Julie Coates is an experienced researcher, teacher and trainer in the area of students with ASD. She teaches courses at the graduate level in adult and higher education for the University of South Dakota, does seminars, training and online courses for K-12 teachers, and has experience teaching in an elementary school. Coates wrote the pioneering book Generational Learning Styles. She authored a chapter on students with ASD as co-author of the new book, The Pedagogy of the 21st Century.

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