Webinars are a hot new meeting format that save money and reach more people than in-person meetings.  Use them for customer education, staff meetings and training, presentations, virtual seminars and much more. 
   The technology is simple, but good webinar presentation techniques are critical.  Discover the power of successful webinars for your business organization.  Then learn the 4 key strategies to make your webinars more successful.  Acquire techniques and tips that will make your webinars winners with your audiences.

CEUs/ILUs: 1.6
Length (in hours): 16
Price in USD $195.00

One Month Course


Unit 1

Keys to Successful Webinars

- What your participants want in a webinar
- Choosing the right format for your program
- Choosing the right length for your webinar

Unit 2

Effective Slides and Presentation Techniques for Webinars

- The 4 Keys to a Successful Webinar Presentation
- The 5 best webinar presentation techniques
- Making slides powerful and visual
- Timing your speaking, what to say when, for how long
- Voice techniques to keep your listeners interested

Unit 3

Involving Your Webinar Participants

- How to schedule and initiate questions
- Selecting questions to read
- How to respond to questions
- Using polls

Unit 4

Preparing and evaluating webinar presenters

- Choosing your presenters: who to pick, who to NOT pick
- Ways to train presenters
- How to prepare your presenters
- Evaluating your webinar success

Hear from our past students

Definitely engaging, appealing to different types of learners with the readings, slides & audio, and discussion board.
- Kat Cannella
Exactly what I was looking for.  Bravo!!
- Veronica Perry