After taking this course in “Introduction to Coding”, you will be introduced to the basics of computer programing and various programing languages. New technologies allow people outside of the computer science field to be able to create their own web pages using code.  Students will learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and Java Script in this course, as well as the practical uses for each.

CEUs/ILUs: 1.6
Length (in hours): 16
Price in USD $195.00

One Month Course


Unit 1

Introduction to Programming

Types of programming languages
Practical Uses of Programing
Text Editors

Unit 2


Introduction to HTML
Introduction to CSS
Making a Simple Web Page

Unit 3

Drawing and Coloring using Code

Elements of Java Script
Basic Drawing Using Code
Basic Coloring Using Code

Unit 4

Basic Animation using Code

Uses of Animation
Animation Basics
Making a Simple Animation

Next start date

Feb 3 – 28